What we can do for you...


We create your website according to your very own vision - premium-quality, professional und browser-independent. And it also includes search engine optimization (SEO).

Besides web design our primary focus is on functionality - which makes your web presence so much more than just good looking.


Content Management Systems (CMS)

With a CMS it's really easy for you to organize your website and keep it up to date. For that purpose we develop your CMS individually according to your requirements.

That means for you: Minimal training efforts - highly efficient and easy handling.

And because your individual CMS doesn't need to carry loads of dead weight like data and functions, the performance is just beyond comparison. Needless to say that your clients will stay a lot longer on such online-appearances compared to some extremely slow finished products whose loading time seems to recall the commencement of the internet.

Due to our longtime emphasis in the development of custom software and our huge stock of own modules, your personal CMS doesn't have to be more expensive than the commonly offered adaption of an open source product.

In case of future extensions or special functions your system will pay for oneself once again for sure.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

From simple administration of your client data to complex display of business relationships, management and allocation of meeting protocols, evaluation of surveys and analyses.

CRM-systems must be tailor-made to your company and your requirements and upgradable anytime. We offer you our worry-free package beginning with planning-support, efficient engineering and training.

Of course you can access your CRM where it's needed the most: At field work with the client. Not a problem via smartphone.


Time recording

A simple time clock for your employees - database-supported - opens all possibilities to process documented labor times anyway you like.

According to your requirements, we can expand it step-by-step up to a complex and intelligent time management system.

Whether you're just planning to capture the hours needed for your own work and projects or set up a detailed recording of labor times of thousands employees worldwide - there are no limits.


Accounting software

Standard software can be complicated and requires the user to adapt to the software. We're doing it the other way round: Our software will be adapted to you!

You show us your requirements and your workflow - we create your custom accounting software.

Thanks to web software you're mobile, independent of operating systems and PC-requirements and can easily automate backups.

It's also taken care of your connection to the outside world: Accounts, lists and reports can be exported at your convenience - e.g. PDF for prints, CSV for your spreadsheet or directly as XML to further processing.


Online-Shops, eCommerce

There are many web shops - but lots of them unfortunately lack high performance and proper hacker-protection.

Open source shops have to provide a wide range of functions for every need - our custom built solutions in contrast just concentrate on your requirements and thereby are slim and efficient.

This offers increased security against hacker attacks because most open source shops are a popular target for so called script kiddies due to their widely spread distribution. New vulnerabilities are freely discussed and tools for mass-attacks distributed. To attack a custom made shop, however, would require high technical skills and lots of time and is generally known to be unprofitable to hackers.

Should you already own an open source web shop and need custom extensions - just contact us! Of course we're familiar with a huge range of open source systems.


Web Portals

You got a striking idea for a new web portal? An innovative approach in the field of e.g. social media, dating agency, picture service, internet market place?

We got the know-how to support your start-up cost-effective and implement your idea.


Intranet-/Internet-Software for companies

How many different apps do you use in your company?
Lower your running costs, delete problems with updates on workstations and save valuable time by centralizing your software!

We develop web software for you, empowering you to do all tasks - centrally in your intranet.